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Dear Dr.
Greetings. No one is preventing you to express your views to the association and as a president, it is my duty to carry over the messages and the problems faced by the members to the Government to alleviate their problems. Moreover, I request this advicing gentlemen to express his views by name not by anonymity which is equivalent to  writiing petitions. I want to know from this gentlemen if the association is working against the members interest the pay hike enjoyed by him is with his consent or he is forced to receive the hiked  pay. A person is exploited only when he / she is inefficient or corruptive . Please be  non corruptive and efficient in your performance and don't get exploited. Thanking You.

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Association office bearers should work for the members.But this is the first time in reverse in world, where association act against the interest of it's members and also permit the members to be exploited.This is very unfortunate.We are going to face lot of problems in future,as they are reelected once again without any opposition like district office bearers in most of the district.our president express his own views to government as the association view.They should really come forward to hear the problems of members.Otherwise there is no wrong in thinking like this. I support you fully.

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