Oestrus Synchronisation with CIDR

Selection of Animals:

1.    Non-pregnant  heifers, cows and buffaloes (calved >2 months before)
2.    Healthy cows, buffaloes and heifers with good body condition and growth.
3.    Cows with normal reproductive tract.
4.    Cows and buffaloes not shown heat signs even after 3 months of calving.
5.    Cows not conceived after 2 or 3 AI/NS.


   Ensure that the animal is not pregnant from reproductive history and rectal examination. Exam for pregnancy 2 times with 15-30 days apart for the presence of amniotic vesicles, fluid feeling, dissimilar uterine horns, double slipping, fetal bump, placentomes etc.0
-Dr.R.V.Vijayakumar M.V.Sc. (LPM)



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