Opinion*: Ways to improve the Departmental Service to benefit the farmers?
Name*: Dr.A.Selvam,M.V.Sc.,
Address*: VAS,Mobile VDU,Mayiladuthurai
Mobile number:9840401746
Email*: drselvavet2010@yahoo.com
Message*: Dear Doctors/friends,the following ways should be followed to improve our departmental services to our farmers:

1.Daily 10min kind speech of our department scheme to our farmers in VD.

2.Display of scheme name and conditions for benificiary selection in VD.

3.We are finally implementing the scheme, hence here after all information from director office should be directed to VAS directly,copy of that information submitted to all AD/DD/JD.

4.For implementing our department scheme perfectly,working member in VD should be full.(For example in Mayiladuthurai division many VAS,LI,AH post vacant,especially in nagai district,mayavaram division many VAS doing additional charge of other VD without LI,AH).

5.Our scheme should be perfectly displayed and speaked out in Mass Contact Programme.

6.Our AD/JD should speak ou! r scheme implementation problem(should get from VAS) to our director/secretary.

7.Many VAS does not having perfect dress code because farmers giving respect based on that.

8.Our AD/JD simply forwarding director office letter to all VAS and finally asking our report it should be avoided,because each time we are facing soo many problem.

9.Artificial insemination straw and LN2 supply should be proper because in our division supply of Straw and LN2 supply very very minimum in that situation how it is possible to achieve target,in that time all AD/JD blaming our VAS it should be avoided.

10.Our farmers should be treated perfectly with kind words because they are very poor,unstudied peoples.


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