Choose the Opinion*:Animal Scheme Implimenting hurdles
Name*:Dr. K. Anbarasan
Address*:VAS, VD, Sembanar kovil
Mobile number:9443733131
Message*:problems faced during the preliminary visit to shandies of other states
1 cross bred of HF animals are more available
than jerssey cross

2 most of the jerssey cows are pregnant and nearing parturition animals are more available than milch cows. for this in AP state they have issued a GO to purchase advanced pregnant animals which may be followed here also

3 purchase of animals is possible only through middle men so the actual cost of animal may get inflated and also the animals which are available there where inturn purchased from our state only

4 since the Govt. purchasing animals from other states the value of the animal gets inflated locally

5 since the availability of animals in shandies is less, VAS have to travel extensively in search of animals

6 in selection of beneficieries the entire burden of selection falls in the head of VAS though it is not in the GO due to poor cooperation from local bodies

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