Choose the Opinion*: Animal Scheme Implimenting hurdles
Name*:Dr C.Veerasubramanian
Address*:104.Park road.Dharapuram
Mobile number:9842729261
Message*:Dear doctor
Regarding the SCHEME FOR FREE DISTRIBUTION OF GOATS\SHEEP I would like to suggest the following ideas to remove the bottle neck.
1.Though V A S has been included in the village level committee to select the beneficiary as per the prescribed norms,the same work can very well be done by V A O himself.Therefore once the beneficiary committee has been formed the V A S can involve himself in implementing the scheme.
2.Veterinary surgeons should also assist V A S and A Ds in procuring the animals
3.Number of days for receiving the application should be shortened and for scrutinising,we need more time.
4.At no point of time there should be any political intervention what so ever.
5.Regarding milch cows procurement,animals available locally with prescribed norms can be purchased rather than going to neighbouring states.

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