Name*:Dr.K.Visvanath      Dist Joint Secre & Treasurer
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1. All the members should be registered in this association by giving return request in the prescribed application

2. After receiving the application from the new member, it should be processed by the parent body and they have to allot a personnel identification number (PIN)to every one.

3. The activity of the association should be in such a way that, no single member should leave from the association on account of frustration on the activity of his/her district or parent body office bearers.

4. The member should have the feel that our association will safeguard us at any situation without simply criticizing its own member.

5. District meeting should be conducted bimonthly and divisional meeting should be conducted every month/on need to discuss the problems faced by each and every one. Then only it will be brought to the knowledge of other members.

6. The matter discussed in association meeting should not go out. it should be ensured by the office bearers of the association concerned. Then only members will have the confidence and courage to come out.

7.All the problems discussed and decisions arrived in all such meetings should be communicated to the parent body and to our association website. Then only all the members of state will know the problems in detail and the solution for that.

8.The parent body should ensure that, monthly meeting is taking place without fail in divisional level. If it fails that divisional secretary should be removed and reelection should be conducted.

9.Parent body office bearers should give the solution within a week for the problems of any division/a members with full heart.

10.All the GO's and orders coming from the head office should be made available in our website.

11.All the meetings conducted on the name of the association even at the level of division should be given to all the local news paper.

12.Our association bye laws should be amended at least once in 5 years and should be made available to every members.

13.Any news about our department or about our association should be communicated first to the district secretaries. Then only to their friends and their seniors(saying that he only ask me by phone not your district secretary is not acceptable).Because some bad minded members who are all having close touch with the parent body officers get the first hand information before district secretary and by this they are commenting the district level office bearers as you don't know anything and I have first handed information and by this they try to establish his separate group/followers, and they will follow him in all his unwanted activities. By seeing this, all the members in that district have an idea that, so, by keeping close with him we can enjoy several things which will not be available being with our association. Then they behave against the interest of district association and not obeying the instruction of district office bearers along with him. This result in formation! of several groups within a district. So to curtail all these problems the parent body office bearers should take oath that, no body should tell any information directly to any member/ to any close friend, even if he/she ask him. They have to direct them to approach the concerned district office bearers.

14 .No member should be encouraged to handle his problem on his own without intimating it to district office bearers, as this will disrupt the activity of association.

15. If any member resign from the association, it should be viewed seriously and clarification should be asked from the concerned district secretary.

16.Up to district level, office bearers should be elected by the direct election method by its members.

17.The selected district level office bearers will be the members of the STATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, and they have to select the parent body office bearers  and this method will have following advantage,

a. This will reduce the expenditure of the association.
b. All the members involvement will be there
c. It is comfortable for lady VAS/busy practitioner to take part in the selection of parent body without coming to the spot.

18.. The elected state body is answerable to district bodies as their tenure is in the hand of district office bearers, and they will hear the voice of even division without fail and they will themselves come forward to solve the problems of individuals.
19. The district body is indirectly answerable to its members for their voting.
20. All the elected bodies(parent body, district body and division level) should be removed by simple 50% majority voting if they loose confidence among members.
21. If any executive member is removed by no confidential motion in any district, then automatically it means that, the parent body should prove its majority with in a month.

If above such things happen(even with modification),

1. Then every member will automatically involve themselves in association activity.
2. Members will believe the association,
3. Members will actively participate in election.
4. Finally all the members will enjoy the benefit of being a member in this association.

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