Opinion: Better Re-Organisation Model Animal Hus.Dept.

I accept that the (routine???) work of the VAS is being diverted and that we are concentrating more on non-technical work rather than the technical work. However, we are directed to give data and other information-searching activities only. we are the people who are still writing and writing in this computerised field. Even the Primary Health Centres are with two medical officers, one lab assistant and one clerk to write. Initially there was a post by name EOAH. Now we are doing the work of VAS, EOAH, Clerk (writing work) and are ubiquotus & omnipresent. Now, we are doing the works alongwith our routine works - 1)Data collection and documentation for various works like Milk yield improvement, Poultry farms visit, Sheep/goat breeders, Scheme works, etc., etc., etc.,. we are not against doing these works. But there should be man power to assist us. Now -a-days, the work load is getting more & more and we are in a position to express ourselves as more non-technical rather than techno-savvy. IT IS THE RIGHT TIME FOR OUR ASSOCIATION TO HAVE A FORUM SO THAT OUR VIEWS COULD BE DEBATED. SIMPLY TELLING THAT WE ARE TO BENEFIT THE FARMERS, WE SHOULD TAKE SOME REAL MEASURES SO THAT WE COULD RELY MORE ON OUR TECHNICAL WORK WHICH INTURN WILL REALLY BENEFIT THE FARMERS. Expecting healthy comments.

Dr.B.Swaminathan, M.V.Sc.,
VAS, VD, Karuvalur.Coimbatore.

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