Name:Dr. D.Thanigaivel B.V.Sc
Address:Divisional secretary Ranipet
Mobile Number:98423 80531
Message:I sincerely feel that ANBU SOGATHARAN should consider consulting a Psychiatric doctor as soon as soon as possible for his mental soundness. I request every veterinarian should pray for him for his appalling mental sickness. I join with every true member of this is association in condemning the barbaric act of mud slapping and image tarnishing effort against the GS and president of our association. I am sure that using this filthy tactics and impotent act he is never going to belittle the larger than life image of our GS and President who have toiled day in and day out in achieving pay parity and thereby improving the living standard of every VAS. If at all he comes out public we seriously are considering to meet out his treatment expenses by admitting him to a mental asylum. I request each and every member of the association! to condemn his act of cowardice in the strongest terms possible so that this traitors will never ever dream of sending this type of letter with shit stuff.

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