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 You must allow the members to put their opinion without their name and you decide whether the opinion can be allowed or not . You must see the opinion and not the name.In democracy proper respect should be given to the opposite side views.Insisting name indicates you are not ready to even hear the voice of the members who are having ideas which are not acceptable by you.First give priority to fulfill the basic amenities like straws requirements .The Sec. is taking sincere efforts to successfully implement the free cow and goat distribution scheme.So for what you have done for this? Atleast through this site you must request the members to take active part and cooperate the higher ups to successful implementation.Definitely this will speak much and pick the attention of the Sec.So allow to put views ! without the address and names which help you to get real ideas.

Reply from Our President

Dear Dr.,

Yes, In democracy everyone opinion is highly regarded. Expressing the name and address is no way interfering your right to express things about us. The main reason for requesting the name and address is, our website is more watched by the quacks than our professionals(even quacks inform the vets about the items published in our website  and then only our vets are watching the site). But, we need comments from the professionals that can only be published. Please, do cooperate in this regard for proper functioning of our website.
With regards,

President,TNVAS Association,
President,TamilNadu Veterinary Council,
Executive member,Veterinary Council of India.

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  1. anaivarukkum vaippukal valangalam aanal than pathaviyaipidikka than muyarchiyai nambamal aduthavarin kaalai varuvathu anumathikka eyalathu YOURS


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