Opinion: Better Re-Organisation Model Animal Husbandry Dept.

All District HQ Hospitals

Polyclinics (JD cadre with 6 VAS and 24 Hrs with Specialists )

All Taluk HQ hospitals 

 Clinician Centres (DD cadre with 4 VAS and 12 Hrs worktime 8am to 8pm with Specialists.)

All Block HQ or A Best VD from Block

 Veterinary Hospital (AD cadre with 2 VAS and 10 Hrs worktime 8am to 2pm(1) and 11am to 5pm (1).

Remaining VDs

To be run between 8am to 2pm

All Farms

Must be upgraded with JD,AD,VAS.

CB&FD with DD and VAS.

AS our Time scale proposal is pending, 20 yrs of service+ JD, 14 yrs+ DD, 10 yrs+ AD. If Funds are constraints for Govt, CENTRAL GOVT AID can be obtained by putting proposals. This is the right time to REORGANISE Dept in the WORLD VETERINARY YEAR 2011. BY putting the above ideas in real, our Farmers will be benefitted and our GDP will surely go as high as above 9. 
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