Opinion: Better Re-Organisation Model Animal Husbandry Department

Name*:Dr.kalirajan .k
Address*:Veterinary Assistant Surgeon,Veterinary Dispensary, S.Melapatti,Madurai dt.
Mobile number:9943615552
Message*:1.First thing is to give atmost interest in change in designation for that prompt steps sd be taken to get time bound promotion.
2.At any cost the VD VAS sd not be diverted apart from their routein VD technical works, for that a separate VAS team sd be immetately appointed they sd look over prophylatic vaccination, all Govt.schemes, and any unforeseen situation.This isvery much important one then only the poor farmers long way from thier home to dispensary to get veterinary medical assistence in time with out any frustation.
3.The entire depatmental communication sd be under e.covernence.The entire reporting system sd be by mailling by that we can avoid unwanted expenditure,time save,timely receiving of report & very easy to forward the same to H O D.
4.Atleast at poly clinics level -Its have big medicine budget & all equipment in ADIU ,if the poly clinics are provided with each subject specialist it will be more useful to the poorer of this society by that they can increase cash flow& inturn improve thier life status due to thier subject specalisation.

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