Opinion: Better Re-Organisation Model Animal Husbandry Department

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Message*:In my opinion as a result of reorganization both the department and employees should be equally benefited.
From the employees point of view,everybody should get the promotion in specific period of time(time bound). A person entering as a VAS should get first promotion in 7/8 years of service as block veterinary officer and should be posted in VH with one mobile unit (in block head guarters)and within his preview all the staff in the block should work(technical administration only). 2nd promotion at 12 years of service in taluk clinician centre as DD with overall control in taluk/revenue division (wheresoever possible). 3rd promotion at 15/16 years of service as JD cum poly clinic head with overall control of district.4th promotion at 20 years of service as ZONAL VETERINARY OFFICER(additional directors) in every farm and he has to control 5/6 districts. from block to district level,a parallel wing should be created to handle vaccination, OBR,fodder supply,SPCA activities,extension work,mobile work,schemes etc.VH should have specialist in O&G,SURGERY,MEDICINE and o! ne lab SPECIALIST with inpatient facility.clinician center should have specialist in above 4 with LPM and NUTRITION.polyclinic should have well established infrastructure with all modern instruments and advanced treatment facilities.Technically all the ADIUs , PDDLs and labs should be brought under the control of IVPM. But now from VD to poly clinic same strategy is followed in treatment.
in short, we have to completely change our department structure.

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