Opinion: Better Re-Organisation Model Animal Husbandry Department

Address*:VAS,VD,Naducombai, Namakkal
Mobile number:91505 12516
Message*:While reorganizing our department more attention shd be given for our departmental farm.Even though we have several farms in our control with huge area,we are not able to provide animals to farmers when they really need.so in my opinion at least every 5 districts administration(JD) should be brought under the control of one farm (headed by a ZONAL additional director for each farm).Every farm should be partitioned into several sections like cattle, sheep, goat, poultry, dog and horse section with one doctor for each section. This additional director should have enormous power in purchase,sales,recruiting CL,transfer of all staffs with in his zone,and he has to be given with a target revenue in the farm( like milk,egg,meat,fodder ).All JDs in this zone should come directly under the control of this z! onal additional director.he/she should have the power to utilize a portion of this REVENUE amount for the real benefit of the farm.this farm should be a model farm with all facilities to conduct training to farmers regarding various animal husbandry activities and able to provide technical guidelines whenever they need.
LIVESTOCK , POULTRY and FEED MARKETING wing should be created to supply sufficient number of young ones of various species (including native and exotic breeds of cow,sheep,goat,pig,horse,dog),fodder seeds and fodder slips and feed to various livestock at nominal cost to farmers.
LIVESTOCK PRODUCT MARKETING WING should be created at least in every district to provide clean,hygienic livestock product with our own logo. if possible value added products of various meat and egg products (fast food shops)also can be tried with the aim to provide hygienic product to the public and also to generate income to our department .(subsequently by this method all the UN organized slaughter house can be brought under the control of our department).

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